Are you READY?- school resumes

What new chapter is happening in your life? What changes are you making to your daily activities?

When every school resumes, we see a difference in the way everyone's morning routine changes. Traffic is different. You commute is different and maybe your wake up too.

The last few months have been a test of how we are able to adapt to changes with little or no time to plan.

We have learnt to work from home, teach our children, have gatherings online and do pretty much everything. We have so much information and our brain’s processing speed has been put to the test.

Have we stopped to evaluate our emotional bandwidth?

There are times that we pay attention to what is happening around and we do not check up on ourselves.

This is not to tell you about the checklist for getting children ready for school but it is check that you are ready to care for yourself better.


Here is a 5 step plan on how to check up on yourself throughout the day.


  1. Start the day with a decision
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How much are you drinking?

It is summer!

We are enjoying the warm weather. Schools are on holiday. 

But are we drinking enough fluids?

The human body contains up to 60% of water. On any usual day, we lose about 1L of water. It is usually more on a warm day. This does not include the amount that we pass as urine. We sometimes notice that our urine is darker, which can be an indicator that we are not having enough fluids.

Suggestions for taking 1-2L of water have been made to ensure that our cells are able to function normally. 

Even though water may not be as tasty as fizzy drinks, juices, or alcohol, it is so beneficial. 

Create opportunities to drink water.

Have a refillable bottle with you at all times especially outdoors.

Take a cup of water before every meal.

Put a bottle of water by your bed so that you can take some water as soon as you wake up.


Try these tips today and share them with others.


Be happy! Stay connected!! Grow into abundance!!!


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5 steps to move a goal from an imagination to reality

Do you find achieving a goal difficult even when you work hard? Do you wonder why some people seem to have it easy? It’s okay, many people feel this way. However, there is a way to turn things around.


We desire a lot of things, some we acquire, some we don’t. Some are needs and some are wants. Some are tangible and some are not.

While the tangible things could be bought, borrowed or received as gifts, the intangible things may take a different route to get to you. You may desire success, freedom, courage, absence of pain and the list goes on. Sometimes the intangible things lead to the tangible things and sometimes the other way round.

Before something you desire come to be, there are two stages of its creation:

  1. In your mind
  2. In your reality

The ability to move the object of desire from point A to point B depends on a few things. The most important things however is YOU.

You are the creator. You are the one that can bring it into being. You have the power to make...

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Shift your focus!

Have you ever wondered why some people facing the same difficult situations respond differently? Have you ever seen people who are apparently successful, being unhappy to the point of suicide? These scenarios are so common and it is related to where we place our focus.

It is said, ‘where focus goes, energy flows’. – Tony Robbins.

The energy acts on our focus and gives rise to the corresponding outcome.

We might have heard about the glass half-full and glass half-empty analogy. It is said that when a glass has water in it up to the half-way mark, it can be described as stated above.

When one’s focus is on the emptiness of the glass, it is described as a glass half-empty and such people are referred to as having a pessimistic view and when one’s focus is on the fullness of the glass, they would describe it as a glass half full and such people are described as having an optimistic view.

The pessimistic view looks down at the emptiness, the loss, the...

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How do you treat the celebrity?

gratitude self love Jul 19, 2020

How many of us recall how we have said harsh things to ourselves that we would not ordinarily say to anyone we care about? How many times have we succeeded in a task and not celebrated our win long enough or even not at all?

If so, you are not alone. Sometimes, we overlook the things we do effortlessly. Most high achievers think that if they celebrated themselves for a while, they will lose the momentum to achieve more. The truth is that this is not the case.

There are key benefits to this practice of celebrating ourselves more and criticising ourselves less. These can be incorporated into our usual practice.

There are 5 ways that we can help us celebrate ourselves more:

  1. Use your stance

When you were growing up there were probably superstars or heroes in movies that you admired. Do you recall Superman or Wonder woman? There was a way they stood: chest out, shoulders back, hands on hips, head looking up. Some call this the power pose. Some heroes show their biceps too. You can...

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Trust me, they are your friends..

Have you ever wondered how people become so great, rich and influential in society? Did they benefit from a gene pool lottery? Or were they just sooo lucky?

If you look closely at the lives and stories of these rich, famous and influential people, you would notice that they all had one thing in common.... OBSTACLES.

They faced CHALLENGES.

They faced ADVERSITY, in one form or the other.

They were not lucky but they made a choice. A choice that made them to be seen or heard or both. A choice that made a difference.

A Zen proverb says, 'Obstacles do not block the path, they are the path'.

They are the path to liberation.

The path to greatness.

The path to transformation.

The path to abundance.

This path is there for us but we get to choose. Do you want the easy path or the path that leads you to your destiny?

Jesus Christ said, 'Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But...

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5 key steps to take control over your feelings and emotions

How would you like to know the best way to rule over your emotions and feelings?

We are surrounded by situations on a daily basis which can cause us to react in different ways depending on our emotions and feelings.

Emotions are there all the time and we do not seem to have any control over what emotion gets expressed when a situation arises. Feelings on the other hand are the ways we perceive the emotions that arise. They are reflections of our beliefs, values and experiences.  It is fair to say that our outlook plays a key role in what we do with our emotions and feelings.

Below are 5 key steps that we can use to master our feelings:

  1. Awareness

It is said that knowledge is potential power. We need to be aware of the range of emotions and feelings we have, our thoughts and beliefs and our experiences as they relate to the situations that arise.

  1. Observation

When a situation arises, the best thing to do is to take an observer's role. You do this by not being drawn into the...

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What tool can uncover your UNIQUE task?

adversity failure purpose Jun 26, 2020

Did you know that you were placed on earth and have a unique task? Have you figured out what it is yet? It is something we may drift by time and time again but only notice it when we are forced to.

But how do we figure it out? You may ask.

Well! the answer lies within. Without sounding overly religious, there is an essence inside each of us put in there by God. It is a creative power that makes us have the likeness of God. It is only when we are vibrating at the same frequency and tune in, that we discover what that task we were born to do is.

Interestingly enough, when we do not know the unique task we are destined to carry out, we feel unfulfilled, empty and wanting more. Hence, while some will think that the best option is to ignore the search, the feelings of emptiness can be overwhelming.

Some may discover their purpose quickly while others go through a long period of struggle. However, over the millennia of human existence, it has been noted that the one compelling...

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Loss and grief

grief loss Jun 13, 2020

The loss of someone or something  we hold dear can be devastating. Sometimes, the effect is related to the level of emotional attachment we had to who or what we lost. At other times, it has no bearing to whether we know this person or thing  well enough. This might be the case of the people sometimes referred to as "crying more than the bereaved".

Either way, loss is usually followed by a period of grief. Elizabeth Kubler Ross kindly described the stages of grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression ,Acceptance. There has been a stretch to 7 stages and I have also seen 12 stages when searching on the stages of grief.

There was however an additional stage introduced by David Kessler, the academic partner of Elizabeth Kubler Ross, that intrigued me. That is, 'finding meaning'.

While people think about this additional stage in terms of finding closure, it is described as moving forward in such a way that honours who we lost. This is so that when they are remembered, it is...

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Calming the clatter

calm mind Jun 08, 2020

As the waves of distress, sadness, fear, pain and overwhelm rage against our being, feelings of despair and sometimes apathy may ensue. We feel lost, deprived, robbed of something or someone precious. These have been described in the stages of grief. We sometimes wonder, “Why are our minds are so busy, dishing out varied thoughts?” The heart joins in with the feelings and emotions...not wanting to be left behind. This is the experience of so many.

Life, as we know it, has a way of hurling experiences our way. 2020 has been a year of varied experiences on a global scale. We can get overwhelmed as we do not know how long this will last. While the duration or intensity cannot be specified, the impact can be modified. 
The impact is determined by our perception and the interpretation we give to the sensations and thoughts.   We can see it as the beginning of the end, a hopeless mess. Or when we feel the impact as we being so connected in such a way that it...

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