Take one step

Uncategorized Jun 01, 2020

Are you feeling stuck? Do you have so much to do but do not know where to start from? Do you feel overwhelmed? Are you feeling stressed by the lack of clarity of the next step?

That is a usual scenario.

Achieving a goal or completing a task can seem daunting. It is a major cause of procrastination.

You can achieve that goal by focussing on the very next step. Once you take it , focus on the next one. It keeps you present in the journey,  helps you enjoy the process and avoid overwhelm.

Remember, as Lao Tzu said, " The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step".

Your destiny awaits!

Stay happy! Keep smiling!! Grow into abundance!!

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Our thoughts

Uncategorized May 26, 2020

What are the thoughts that come to your mind on a daily basis? What theme do they express predominantly? Did you know that you could change the thoughts to work for you?

Well, yes you can...

Let's understand where these thoughts come from. 

Our brain is the physical hard drive or  super computer which translates and processes our thoughts from our mind. It does this all the time. Over many years, our brain has evolved to enable us survive predators, climate change and many other adversities. The most developed part is the prefrontal cortex which helps us make logical decisions, execute  plans and more complex tasks. 

Without going all technical here, what we are exposed to, which could be our upbringing, our personal experiences and the experiences of others contribute to our thoughts. These are generated in the mind.

Because of the super efficiency of our brain, thoughts can be processed at incredible speed. This is not a bad , unless, you have negative thoughts...

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Practical steps- Calm in the storm

Uncategorized May 24, 2020

Last week , we  focussed on how we react in a storm or difficult situation and how to look at and act in it for minimal adverse effect and a better perspective.

It is possible that you might have gone through a difficult situation recently or might in fact be going through one now.

I acknowledge that it might be terrifying  and mind wrecking. However, I would like to say to you, 'This too shall pass'.

This is not the first time you are going through a difficult situation. Most, if not all of them have come to an end.

However, you might still be experiencing the consequence  of your  reaction to past difficult moments. This emphasizes  the importance  of managing our reaction in the difficult moment. A seemingly unwise reaction can cause cataclysmic effects while a wise reaction  may make the outcome blissful.

This is entirely your choice.

Would you like  to know 5  practices that can be applied to a difficult situation to produce a better...

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Having an out of body experience

Have you heard that the vision of hindsight is 20/20? That means perfect vision.

How many times have you done something and upon reflection LATER thought it was a bad move?

This happens so often to many of us.

Note the capitalised LATER in the above question. This is because the moment has  already gone, the deed is already done.

What if I told you that it is possible to have 20/20 vision at the present moment?

Yes, it is possible. It involves taking an observer's role. It means coming out of your body to observe yourself and your situation. It means changing your perspective and being more creative with your response.

This is a good practice to have in conflict or difficult situations. It keeps you calm enough to deduce the answer, the solution or the next step.

Take a moment to have an out of the body experience in your next dilemma, difficult moment or conflict.


Stay happy! Keep smiling!! |Grow into abundance!!!

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In the eye of the storm

Uncategorized May 19, 2020

Have you watched what happens when a hurricane or whirlwind picks something or someone up in the movies?

Can you imagine that force drawing up that being into the midst of it?

I recall seeing the tunnel in the centre of the whirl wind where this person or thing appears stable relative to the current around it. There appears to be a wall protecting the object from being thrown out.

I see that relative stability as a portal/ channel to calmness and peace. It is a place where you  can release yourself and be even protected by the storm.

While our troubles may whirl around like a storm, being in the eye of it can be a place of protection, a place of calm. Focussing on that with an element of detachment can provide a better perspective and give an improved outlook. Let's take a moment to observe our present state in the eye of the storm.


Stay happy! Keep smiling!! Grow into abundance!!!

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Peace in the midst of the storm

Uncategorized May 18, 2020

The stormy waves crash in on our lives, day in and day out. We get tossed about. We go into panic as we fight the waves. We resist the storm and resent its impact.

'This is the worst', we tell ourselves. We are engulfed by it.

However, have you considered relaxing in the storm? Have you thought about letting the waves move your body in whatever direction it wills?

This practice is easier than it seems.

It does not come naturally to us. It is learnable and achievable with practice.

Staying calm in the midst of the storm gives peace. It saves your strength and opens you to endless possibilities...

Stay happy! Keep smiling!! Grow into abundance!!!

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