Are you READY?- school resumes

What new chapter is happening in your life? What changes are you making to your daily activities?

When every school resumes, we see a difference in the way everyone's morning routine changes. Traffic is different. You commute is different and maybe your wake up too.

The last few months have been a test of how we are able to adapt to changes with little or no time to plan.

We have learnt to work from home, teach our children, have gatherings online and do pretty much everything. We have so much information and our brain’s processing speed has been put to the test.

Have we stopped to evaluate our emotional bandwidth?

There are times that we pay attention to what is happening around and we do not check up on ourselves.

This is not to tell you about the checklist for getting children ready for school but it is check that you are ready to care for yourself better.


Here is a 5 step plan on how to check up on yourself throughout the day.


  1. Start the day with a decision

As you wake up in the morning, make a decision about how you want to look at the day. A practice I do is to speak to the day saying what kind of day I want it to be. For example, a day of joy, a day of peace, a day of success, a day of fulfilment.

Also decide on how you want to show up today. For example, today I am kind, thoughtful, present, gentle etc


  1. Choose someone to give a gift to

When you choose someone to give a gift to, do not expect a thank you or reciprocity. The gift does not have to be expensive. It could be your time, being more understanding, more present or patient.

It requires you to come out of yourself and think of someone else’s needs. It gives you a sense of purpose and builds an important aspect of your being.


  1. Be the ultimate care giver

The person we tend to forget to care for is ourselves and we are the ones that need it the most. Today, you will ensure that you are wash, fed, watered, clothe and most importantly balanced emotionally. Set a timer either on your watch or your phone as your ‘ME time’. This is when you replenish yourself. It should be at least every 2 hrs. If you struggle to do this imagine it as a bathroom break. 


  1. Keep your head up

No matter how the day is going, don’t forget to keep your head up and congratulate yourself for the wins, no matter how small. Remember, if you want to feel defeated, look back! If you want to feel disappointed, look across! If you want to feel despaired, look down! If you want to be distracted look around! But if you want to move ahead, look up!


  1. Fill your heart with gratitude

Build an attitude of gratitude. In everything you experience, be thankful. Express it to yourself, to others, to God for the gift every moment brings. Apart from the chemicals that are released to make you and others feel appreciated, it heals wounds and builds relationships.


Self-care is the main rule we need to adopt. You can only care for others when you care for yourself first. Remember, when you are on air plane, during the safety demonstration, the airline staff shows you where the oxygen masks will come from in the event of low cabin pressure. The valuable advice given is to put your mask on first before you help others.

As school resumes and we get ourselves ready to care for our children, let’s remember to put our oxygen masks first.


Be happy! Stay connected!! Grow into abundance!!!


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