How to put your mind to work

Challenges are inevitable. As we wake up, another round comes flowing in. There is a constant hope that tomorrow will be better but...

In the creation of beautiful things- diamond, butterflies, sculptures, paintings, a challenge is encountered and eventually surpassed, providing us with that incredible masterpiece.

So you wake in the morning and there it is...

Is it another day of toil or can it be seen as something else?

While you cannot do much about the circumstances you wake up to, you can do a lot about how you perceive and react to them.

There are a few steps and it begins by creating a state of inner calm

1. Tame your mind.

The mind is like a wild horse. It can toss you from pillar to post while untamed but when you gain control of your mind, it is a useful ally in navigating the terrain called life and surmounting great challenges. This can be achieved by mindfulness practice.

2. Write in a journal. 

The use of a journal is a useful tool in offloading thoughts, analyzing them, and aligning them appropriately. There is a practice of having a worry journal where the challenges, worries, or concerns are written down.


3. Ask the right questions

It is said that questions are the answer. When you ask the right questions, your mind goes to work on that task and has less time to bring up random worries to mind. If however, you ask the wrong questions like, 'why does this always happen to me?' or 'Why is life so hard?', you would get the wrong answers and the worsening of your situation.


4. Believe in the power of your mind

The human mind is so powerful in pattern recognition, storage, processing, and retrieval. It is able to recognise and relate actions and events in such a way that no computer can. Most things in the world are similar. As we know, there is nothing new under the sun. Even when something is invented, there is always something in nature that looks like it or does what it does.

So when you face a challenge recognise that it is possible to surmount it. Henry Ford said, 'If you think you can or you can't, you are right'. Believe that everything will work out for the best.


5. Draw on resources

It does say 'Experience is the best teacher'. However, it does not have to be your experience, for it to be the best teacher for you. You can learn from the experience of others by surrounding yourself with a positive peer group and inspiring yourself by reading books, listening to podcasts, doing courses, and getting a coach or mentor.


So no matter how you feel when you wake up to challenges, think about the challenges you’ve faced in the past. You survived and you are here. This challenge can also be surmountable.


Be you! Stay connected! Grow into abundance!!!


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