Make healthy living REAL

Have you ever worried about not being able to lose that weight, start eating healthy or being more mindful? It is not really about inability but starting with the incorrect steps.

We all have these thought but making it real seems to be a challenge.


Jim Rohn expressed an important fact: ‘Motivation is what gets you started, Habit is what keeps you going.’

Here are the first few steps you need to consider when you have a new healthy habit you will like to start.

  1. Pick the specific habit

As simplistic as this sounds, you need to be very specific about the habit you would like to start. What it is? The identity that having this habit gives you. For example, I will like to be known as te person who exercises regularly.


  1. Elicit why you want this habit now.

It has to be very clear in your mind why you want to have this habit and why now. What has changed in your life or around you that is making this change an obligation, a necessity, or just a desire. The stronger the reason, the more likely you are at achieving the desired outcome. For example, if someone was trying to eat healthy without success and suddenly there was a health check revealing that he had prediabetes, there would be an obligation, a stronger reason to put this habit in place.


  1. Be aware of any past limitations

This is especially important if you have ever tried to get a habit in the past. You might wonder why this is important. This is because when you know what problems prevented you from achieving an outcome, you can make a contingency plan to mitigate it. As it is said, ‘insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results’.


  1. Determine the impact that this new habit will have on you or those you love

This serves a motivation factor. The greater the impact, the higher the motivation to get this habit in gear.


These are the initial things to cover should you decide to start a new habit. 

Put this into practice and share with your family and friends.

Be happy! Stay connected!! Grow into abundance!!!


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