Shift your focus!

Have you ever wondered why some people facing the same difficult situations respond differently? Have you ever seen people who are apparently successful, being unhappy to the point of suicide? These scenarios are so common and it is related to where we place our focus.

It is said, ‘where focus goes, energy flows’. – Tony Robbins.

The energy acts on our focus and gives rise to the corresponding outcome.

We might have heard about the glass half-full and glass half-empty analogy. It is said that when a glass has water in it up to the half-way mark, it can be described as stated above.

When one’s focus is on the emptiness of the glass, it is described as a glass half-empty and such people are referred to as having a pessimistic view and when one’s focus is on the fullness of the glass, they would describe it as a glass half full and such people are described as having an optimistic view.

The pessimistic view looks down at the emptiness, the loss, the despair, the failure, lack of accomplishment or hopelessness of a situation. The physiology, thoughts and words are geared in that direction and that is why there will be a feeling of unhappiness, depression and this may lead to self-medication with harmful substances or even suicide.

The optimistic view however, looks up at the potential of fullness, elevation, accomplishment, success or hope in a given situation. The physiology, the thoughts and words are geared in that upward direction. That is why we see people who have fallen, rise up again. We see people who have failed, try again and again.

Here are 5 simple things we can do to shift our focus instantly.

  1. Change your posture

Your posture can affect your mind and help shift your focus. So stand tall, head lifted, shoulders back and if you would like, hands beside you or on your hips. Imagine your favourite superhero rising to a challenge.

  1. Change your facial expression

Yes, the many muscles in our face can be contoured into expressions of sadness, joy, disgust, fear etc. Use these muscles to reflect joy and hope. A way to do this is to smile or laugh. It releases chemicals that trigger the happy centres in your brain which help focus.

  1. Change your breathing

When you are worried, sad or fearful, your breathing is usually shallow. This means taking in less oxygen into your lungs than its capacity. Thus there is less oxygen available to your organs. This makes them have a build-up of waste, feel tired and not function optimally. So you need to take deep breaths to fill your lungs and make the oxygen available to all parts of your body and most importantly your brain. Remember you are also getting rid of the waste.

  1. Change where you look

This is by looking up. It is in looking up that you see someone that can help. It is in looking up that you can see opportunities that would otherwise not have been found. ‘Seek and you shall find’ (Matthew 7:7)

  1. Change your words

Start asking questions with ‘How’ rather than ‘Why’. Change from using limiting statements to more empowering statements. Your words have power.


These are a few ways that you can, in an instant, change your focus from a pessimistic to an optimistic view in any situation you face. Give it try today and share it with someone


Be happy! Stay connected!! Grow into abundance!!!


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