World mental health day

Have you felt isolated by the way people relate to you when you have expressed anxiety or depression?

For many years, mental health has been a taboo. Thankfully, we are becoming more accepting of mental health challenges and empathic towards those who have them. 

The daily challenges that we encounter contribute to the pressures on our health. The good thing however is that it is within our ability to improve our mental well-being with easily implemented tips as listed below.

1. Be aware

To be aware rather than be overwhelmed is a vital key. This is done by practicing mindfulness. It can be done by focusing on our breath or sensations perceived.  Most times, we suggest sitting in a quiet place to minimise distractions. It does not have to be for a long time, 5 mins will do. For the purpose of this write-up, I will use the focus on the breath. This is taking note of the movement of the air as we breathe or the parts of the body as they move with each breath. When thoughts or emotions come, acknowledge them and return to the breath.

2. Guard your mind

 This is done by preventing words, thoughts, ideas, or concepts that are disempowering from having a way into your mind. Hence, it is important to be careful about what you consume with your senses whether on TV, social media, or among other people. 

3. Feed your mind

Like the different parts of our body, our minds need to be fed. The process of reading, listening to positive and empowering podcasts, messages, and other forms of media are useful sources. When you attend an event where motivational speakers, experts in relevant topics, and people with a growth mindset are, the mind also gets nourished.

4. Journal

This is such a useful tool. In this section, I will like to draw your attention to getting a book or journal which can be called a 'worry' journal. In this journal, you will write anything that comes to mind especially if it is troubling, worrying, or has the potential to be overwhelming. By doing this, you transfer your thoughts onto paper and can therefore think about each issue clearly without the emotional aspect of your brain taking over. You can therefore delete, defer, delegate, or action each item that has been written.

5. Gratitude

This practice cannot be overlooked. It is one that brings joy and fulfillment to people. The ability to say thank you to God, others, and most especially yourself is life-changing. At this point, I will like to specifically ask you to celebrate the wins you have, no matter how small. It is an act of self-love, acceptance, and care.


Be happy! Stay connected!! Grow into abundance!!!


Happy World mental health Day


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