What do you do when time flies by?

Oh no! Half of the month is gone and I have not achieved much.

This is a constant complaint that I hear from people including myself. Sometimes, it appears that things are moving too fast. Our immediate response is to speed up, get worried and feel overwhelmed.

I felt exactly that way last week as I had some projects with the deadlines approaching. However, I got a reminder lesson from my son about what to do when time seems to fly by.

My son had a school task set at the start of the week. It was such that the students were meant to log into the site to complete some calculations and the person on the top of the leader board got a price. Being naturally competitive in nature, my son worked hard at it and I encouraged and supported him on the way. When he got to the second place on the leaderboard, he wanted to stay up late into the night to push through to first place. I explained to him that his sleep was important and if he had an early night sleep, he could wake up early to...

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5 key steps to take control over your feelings and emotions

How would you like to know the best way to rule over your emotions and feelings?

We are surrounded by situations on a daily basis which can cause us to react in different ways depending on our emotions and feelings.

Emotions are there all the time and we do not seem to have any control over what emotion gets expressed when a situation arises. Feelings on the other hand are the ways we perceive the emotions that arise. They are reflections of our beliefs, values and experiences.  It is fair to say that our outlook plays a key role in what we do with our emotions and feelings.

Below are 5 key steps that we can use to master our feelings:

  1. Awareness

It is said that knowledge is potential power. We need to be aware of the range of emotions and feelings we have, our thoughts and beliefs and our experiences as they relate to the situations that arise.

  1. Observation

When a situation arises, the best thing to do is to take an observer's role. You do this by not being drawn into the...

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