World mental health day

Have you felt isolated by the way people relate to you when you have expressed anxiety or depression?

For many years, mental health has been a taboo. Thankfully, we are becoming more accepting of mental health challenges and empathic towards those who have them. 

The daily challenges that we encounter contribute to the pressures on our health. The good thing however is that it is within our ability to improve our mental well-being with easily implemented tips as listed below.

1. Be aware

To be aware rather than be overwhelmed is a vital key. This is done by practicing mindfulness. It can be done by focusing on our breath or sensations perceived.  Most times, we suggest sitting in a quiet place to minimise distractions. It does not have to be for a long time, 5 mins will do. For the purpose of this write-up, I will use the focus on the breath. This is taking note of the movement of the air as we breathe or the parts of the body as they move with each breath. When thoughts...

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